About me

So what's my story?

My Journey has been winding. there has been some U-turns and derailments for sure. Now in my mid forties and I can say I'm comfortable in my own skin

My lifestyle is active, which is why I have always subscribed to "a body in motion, stays in motion". This is even more critical as I approached my mid forties and continued in a high stress career.

My motivation?

Sure 6 years ago I wanted to look amazing on my wedding day...who doesn't? That certainly made me step up my workout and nutrition game...but that's a short term goal. I realized that what was more important to me was feeling good in my skin, having energy, having a clear mind and being able to continue to have an active lifestyle...and of course carry heavy things when I needed to without worry. I also noticed that many of the people in my personal circle were coming to the same realizations or were struggling with some health concerns. However they were unable to get started or stay committed to the lifestyle change.

So what keeps me motivated is yes my own health but also helping others achieve their own goals...either qualitative or quantitative. Keeping them going...keeps me going

My background is very similar to most university grads. I got that secure corporate job sitting at a desk all day and became a weekend warrior. On some weekday evenings, I continued to play rec sports with my coworkers/friends and indulged in the bevies and snacks that followed. Nothing wrong with that except I wasn't paying attention to my body. It didn't like some of what I was eating and drinking. It didn't like the lack of sleep. It didn't like the high stress. Over the decades it started to scream at me to figure it out.

My Monday to Friday is pretty sedentary...in front of the laptop and allll the video calls. I make sure that I set aside time for a workout at some point during the day because I know it is good for my body. Just like most of us, I struggle to manage the stress/anxiety that comes with my busy schedule, but i'm getting better at it everyday.

I made the decision to become a Culinary Nutritionist because I to take my nutrition knowledge and cooking skills to the next level! Why not? We are what we eat after all!

I have been doing meal prep for myself and my husband for years so I have lots of tips and tricks that I can share with you, especially in terms of eating healthy with limited time. I've learned that over the years the saying "fail to plan, plan to fail" is definitely true for me and most of us.

My focus is on clean, fulfilling and FLAVOURFUL food that can be made without spending a whole day in the kitchen and supports healthy digestion.

Living with someone who has Crohn's has further inspired me to understand the types of foods that will not irritate or cause inflammation in the digestive tract and those that will help support healthy digestion.

I'm not little miss perfect over here. Everything in moderation is key for me. I still enjoy my black coffee and an alcoholic beverage here and there, but I can also go without them. I love dessert and salt and vinegar chips. I just try to make good choices most of the time.

Travel is a passion of mine and it definitely influences my recipe creations and the variety of food we consume regularly.

Life is meant to be lived and I have a great time living it!