What is Culinary Nutrition?

The Academy of Culinary Nutrition defines Culinary Nutrition this way: "Culinary Nutrition is about using ingredients in their whole and fresh form, and combining them to make delicious, healing recipes" [ What Is Culinary Nutrition - Academy of Culinary Nutrition ]

The focus here is about exploring "healing" foods and still make delicious, clean meals.

There is a joy in making substitutions with published recipes or creating your own recipes that align with dietary restrictions OR assist the body with the healing process.

To become a Culinary Nutritionist you need to have a passion for cooking, food experimentation and wellness to be successful in the intense 14 week program. There are weekly cooking assignments, readings, recipe development and a detailed research project that all must be completed in order to successfully earn the title of Culinary Nutritionist!

As a Culinary Nutritionist I am not a medical professional and I do NOT diagnose illnesses or allergies.

My role begins once you have been diagnosed or you recognize that you need to adjust your eating habits in order to support your body through a change or to improve your health.

I can help you find alternatives for your favourite foods that align with your sensitivities or provides your body the support it needs.

I take a research based approach to identify the foods that you should incorporate or remove from your diet and then we can look at ways to incorporate them

As I fitness coach I can support you with an at home plan to get you into a fitness regiment.

As a Culinary Nutrition Instructor I can share my knowledge and skills in more intimate settings with folks that want to learn more about how to incorporate cleaner eating into their daily routine and/or ways to adjust their eating habits to help combat illness.