Upcoming Challenges

Sept 12th 2022: Get your gut in order

It seems like the everyone has finally figured out how important gut health is for your overall health and your immunity.

Starting Sept 12th I will be jumping back into a 4 week program that I did successfully in the spring. The program materials were developed by an industry expert, Authumn Calabrese, after over coming her own struggle with gut health. She worked with the experts that helped her to design a 4 week easy to follow program to get anyone started on the road to a healthy gut.

As a culinary nutritionist I'm aligned with the principles and guidelines outlined in this program

Reach out and I'll tell you how to get access to the materials and the private accountability group

Sept 6th 2022: Get ready to lift !

Ready to step up your game with weights?

Lifting heavy weights is not about getting bulky anymore and Joel Freeman proves it in this program designed for both women and men to complete at home or in the gym.

Join me as I kick off a 7 week program (5 days per week) that is focused on lifting heavier along with a focus on HIIT and core.

Reach out and I'll tell you how to get access to the program and my private accountability group