Move Your Body

"I don't have time"

"It's too hard"

"I have an injury"

"I don't like sweating. I'm just going to diet"

"I'm too nervous or embarrassed to go to a gym"

Does that sound like you? I hate to say it but our bodies are designed for movement. Our sedentary lifestyles are contributing to a whole host of malaises. Especially as we age, we need to make sure we keep that blood pumping, joints lubricated and support our skeleton with strong muscle.

Also, sweat is magic! It's one of the ways our body detoxifies

You don't need to immediately get a gym membership or buy a Peloton, but a part of living a healthy lifestyle includes regular movement. 

There are so many options that can be a part of daily life without much effort. You could walk to the store instead of drive. You could take the stairs instead of an elevator. You could play catch with your kids or fetch with your dog. You could do yard work or shovel the snow.

Maybe you want to try at home workouts if you are nervous or don't have the budget for a gym membership. At home workouts are legit and they allow you the privacy you may need to develop a routine and build your confidence before working out in a group setting. Also, when the pandemic hit, those of us that were already working out at home didn't need to pause our regiment while we searched for alternative solutions.

Here are some options to get you started:

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